rabang! kiqyquu → qyquu!

Learn an alien language, and open the door to a new world of customs.

What if you were in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but didn't have a babelfish? Or in Star Trek without a ship's computer to translate? What if you were wandering around the slums of Mos Eisley, but didn't even know enough Huttese to buy some deathsticks?

Themengi is an in-development puzzle adventure game where you learn an alien language, constructed for the game, and use your growing but ever-limited skills to navigate a strange, yet strangely familiar, new world. Open doors, use computers, talk to disinterested customs officials, and pick up some delicious duty-free purupuru, because deep-frying is universal.

Themengi is currently in development, and I'm working on it whenever I can. To get development updates and follow the progress of the game, you can follow me on twitter, or subscribe to the newsletter, which is currently following my blog series on implementing a linguistic parser for Themengi. Thanks for your interest!

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